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Microfiber Lavender Velvet Sponge



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50% softer than the original Microfiber Velvet, this lavender sponge allows for the same seamless application, but with a gentler feel and a lighter finish
About JUNO & Co. Microfiber Fusion Sponge

Meet the Microfiber Fusion Sponge from JUNO & Co. - the first-ever application tool that combines the power of a makeup sponge and a makeup brush. This ultra-soft, dual layer sponge saves up to 50% of the product you use it with, and allows for seamless blending and an airbrushed-looking finish.

Why It’s Special
  • Featuring silk-like microfiber bristles, this sponge effortlessly picks up and distributes both wet and dry product
  • JUNO & Co.’s patented combination of a non-abrasive microfiber material layered over an antimicrobial sponge enables product to sit on top of the sponge without absorbing into it
How to Use

Wet sponge before using liquid foundations, concealers, or contouring creams. Use sponge dry for powder bronzers, blush, or highlighters.

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