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FLUSHED! Lip & Cheek Stain

Rollover Reaction


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About the brand: Rollover Reaction

  • A cosmetic brand offering a variety of state-of-the-art beauty goods to create your own personal style and appearance.
  • Our products are built to be worn by a wide range of personality and attitude who live practical way of life. Through our colour selections and innovations, we want you to have the confidence to bring out the A++ version of your inner-self from day-to-day.

         “Rollover Reaction reflects what women want. Providing cosmetic you can have fun, be creative with, that enhance beauty, not to cover it up. Chic without being complicated”

FLUSHED! provides you natural glow of flushed cheeks and rosy lips, while offering hours of comfortable hydration.Three divinely beautiful silky-soft textures with semi-metallic finish for an instant touch of vibrancy.

Shades available:

  • Orla: A Refined Flash of Violet

Orla, a name endearingly known as Golden Princess in Irish, is one lady you would fear but highly respect. Sensual, sultry yet graceful, she possesses some very powerful personalities. She has impeccably refined taste and graced with a wealth of creative ideas. While she can be proud and impatient, Orla’s mind is always working round the clock as she goes about achieving her goals and setting things back in the right places.

  • Thulia: A Fresh Burst of Strawberry Red

As Greek as she goes, Thalia which means to flourish or blossom is indeed one striking creature. She represents all that is good, happy and youthful. She draws people in with her all-round lovable personality. She loves passionately and stands up for what she believes in even when it is at odds with the rest. One is considered extremely lucky to have her as a friend because Thalia is never half-hearted when it comes to showering her loved ones with all that she has.


  • Paloma: A Succulent Shot of Peach

Paloma is a Latin name for Dove and universally known as a symbol for peace. If there are three adjectives that can be used to describe her, it will be; gentle, pure and innocent. Highly intelligent, strong, independent and yet strikingly feminine, Paloma is clear about her likes and dislikes, she takes everything in strides and is always bold about her decisions. Everyone who crosses her path would agree that Paloma is beautiful in every sense.

      Lips Brush FLUSHED! Lip and Cheek Stain twice or three times using the pen applicator. To intensify, simply repeat the steps until you get the shade you desire. Cheeks Smile. Brush FLUSHED! Lip and Cheek Stain in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks. Quickly blend with your fingertips and lightly pat to smooth over.

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