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The Clique

Rollover Reaction


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About the brand: Rollover Reaction

  • A cosmetic brand offering a variety of state-of-the-art beauty goods to create your own personal style and appearance.
  • Our products are built to be worn by a wide range of personality and attitude who live practical way of life. Through our colour selections and innovations, we want you to have the confidence to bring out the A++ version of your inner-self from day-to-day.

         “Rollover Reaction reflects what women want. Providing cosmetic you can have fun, be creative with, that enhance beauty, not to cover it up. Chic without being complicated”

The Clique - Umma Moss Livv

Inspired by the beauty icon in 90's era, The Clique is a collection of three grunge brown-tone shades of SUEDED! Lip and Cheek Creams. Featuring rich pigment, yet creamily comfortable, these three iconic colours deliver the instant '90s statement look with a modern twist.

Comes in a full set of happiness and temporary tattoos to complete your look.



        Lips Apply a thin layer of balm before lapping on SUEDED!. Glide our light-weight formula on your lips with the applicator. Wait for it to dry to see the velvety-matte finish. For best result, you can exfoliate your lips beforehand. Cheeks Smile! Draw two little dots on the apple of your cheeks and gently blend it with your fingertips. Please note that the pigments are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

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