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Buffing brush - 101

Brush Inc

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Starting out in makeup application but you don’t want to spend a bomb on a bunch of brushes? Look no further; Introducing Brush Inc…. 
Based in Singapore, Brush Inc. hopes to provide their consumers affordable brushes that are of high-quality. These brushes are made from Talkon Fibre which makes them eco-friendly! They are extremely soft and can be used to create a full makeup look! These beautifully crafted brushes are perfect tools and they also make wonderful gifts this holiday season! 

Buffing brush: 101

Buffer brush used to give a quick application of foundation. Flat wide base allows for fast and easy application of base products of your choice. Apply to face in a circular motion and blend in with a tapping motion


        Talkon Fibre

        Use to blend out cream or powder products.

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