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Is it worth the HYPE? - Review on Juvia's Place Nubian Palette

Is it worth the HYPE? - Review on Juvia's Place Nubian Palette



Juvia’s Place The Nubian Eye Shadow palette features, the most essential collection of neutral colors. Our highly pigmented colors blend flawlessly and have incredible wear-ability power. This palette is easy for everyday wear into night. This is a must-have palette great for all skin-types. The Nubian Eye Shadow palette features 4 transition matte shades and 8 shimmery pearl-textured colors.


What makes Juvia’s Place The Nubian Eye Shadow palette stands out is definitely its beautiful design. The eye-catching Queen Nefertiti against the popping green sea foam background. The captivating design exudes a hippie vibe immediately differentiates itself from typical palettes and makes you want to open it up to see exactly what magic is hidden inside. Physical aspects wise, it’s slim and compact enough to fit inside a handbag. The downsides are, however, no mirror included, no shade names available and the colours in the palette are warm-toned. So if you’re someone who prefers cool-toned shades, this palette probably wouldn’t occupy a place in your makeup drawer.


The texture of the eye shadows is smooth and buttery. All the shades glide on easily upon swatching and the pigmentation is incredible. What I noticed is that some of the lighter shades, especially the first row, don’t show up as well compared to the darker tones.



Most reviews stated that the eye shadows applied easily and I don’t disagree at all! Just be careful to dip your eye shadow brush lightly into the colour and knock off the excess powder otherwise you’d experience some fall outs. There are no problems blending the colours and the shades complement one another well since they all belong to the same family of shades.


Also, the eye shadows are smooth to be applied just using the fingertips. Well, I actually did ‘Full Face Using Fingers Only No Brushes Challenge’ using this palette and oh boy, the finished look was pretty amazing! Smooth transition of colours and no harsh edges at all. Imagine using the colours with some good eye brushes! The only complaint I have is again, the lighter shades which didn’t show up that intensely on my eyelids. A good solution would be to use a setting spray, or some makeup fixing spray on an eye shadow brush and apply the eye shadow wet directly on top of your eyelids.




I don’t wear eye shadow on a daily basis and sometimes, I would skip eye shadow primer just to test how well the eye shadow can hold up. I’m impressed with The Nubian Eye Shadow Palette because the most colours were able to last up to 8 hours. Again, the darker tones held up better than their lighter counterparts. The lighter eye shadows were mostly gone by the end of the day and what’s leftover was some subtle sheen. I used the dark brown matte eye shadow on the waterline and noticed some faint smudging. It didn’t cause me to look like a racoon as the stain could be dabbed off lightly.



OVERALL (8/10)

Juvia’s Place The Nubian Eye Shadow palette is a great palette that features wearable, everyday neutral-toned eyeshadows, suited for people of all skin colours. The most impressive point of the palette is definitely how the eye shadow colours are able to stand out so vibrantly even against individuals of darker skin tones. The colours are beginner-friendly, making it a good eye shadow palette to practice with. The extensive range of warm-toned colours and textures offered, both matte and shimmery, give the flexibility to create multiple looks suited for a daytime natural to a evening smokey glam.


Written by our lovely copywriter, Xiaohan, find out more about her at: http://1floz.co

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