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BTS - Our First Youtube Video

BTS - Our First Youtube Video
  Starting a youtube channel has always been at the back of our heads. The task seemed daunting. We knew nothing about filming or lighting equipments, editing programs or even the process of filming (and honestly, we’re kinda still winging it). We had set up a youtube account back in 2016 and kinda just left it. But hey, what better way to start the new year than to dive right in. Its 2018 and we’re ready to hustle. 
  Videos are always fun to watch. Its engaging and it puts a personality to our brand, something that most people dont realise the value of in this digital world. We want you to get to know us, just as we want to get to know you. Think of us as that 1 friend that you go to for beauty advice. Don’t know how some lipstick shades look on asian skintone? We got you. Don’t know how to cream contour? We hear you. Its a great outlet for us to demonstrate our products so you don’t end up feeling like you just got catfished” and you know exactly what you’re buying. We’ll blend eyeshadows in wind shield wiper motions together with you and we’ll bounce beauty blenders together with you. Afterall, what are pals for? 
   To say we had a few hiccups during the shoot of our first youtube video is quite the understatement. We’ll spare you the details but let’s just say we were a frantic hot mess. We made sure we went in well prepared but as they all say, some things you only learn while on the job. It did not help that the neighboring tenant was a carpenter who decided to get busy with super loud drilling which affected our audio. Our talents for the day, Hanim and Nadya definitely hit it off right away and boy, were we glad! Let’s all admit how painful it is to sit through awkward interactions between 2 people with no chemistry. Here’s them on set! 
   Now its time for the video processing and editing. Trust me when i say our content creator did not have a good day, hell, she did not have a good week. We’re not kidding when we say we had to cut down 1.5 hours worth of runtime to 13 minutes. She spent 2 days cutting the video, 3 days fixing the audio, another 2 days to add motion graphic elements and suss out an appropriate background music after listening to thousands. I’m pretty sure she can recite the 1.5 hours worth of script in her sleep by now. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right? 
   Here’s what our talents had to say about the shoot! 
  1. What were your expectations before going in for the shoot, and was it anything like what you had imagined?
Nadya > I was expecting nothing short of a comical and fun experience, and that’s exactly what I got. With a partner as upbeat and wacky as Hanim, it should’ve come as no surprise to me that the shoot would be incredible.
Hanim > My expectations before the shoot was that I genuinely wanted to test my makeup skills that’s why I went with a bold look. It was close to what I envisioned my look to be only not as dramatic as I’d like it to be. I actually even felt okay walking out with that makeup on haha! Also it was so much fun and laughter doing the video with Nadya and the people behind Coma Makeup. The vibes were all so great, everybody made the video so much fun!
  1. Which part of the whole experience did you enjoy the most? 
Hanim >  I really enjoyed the process of applying on makeup without a mirror it just makes you realise how much you’ve disregarded your own features. Like I have these eyebrows my whole life but I panicked for a second because I didn’t know where they were and suddenly forgot how it’s shaped. I’ll never disregard my eyebrows like that ever again.
Nadya >  I enjoyed the whole filming process, but more specifically - the reveal! We underestimate the importance of our sight so much that when we’re made to use it as little as possible, that’s when we truly realise that we’re not as in touch with ourselves as we think we are. Who would’ve thought that I would not know where my lash line is?
  1. If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?
 Nadya >  I think I would’ve gone in with a beauty sponge to apply my foundation, a slightly darker lip colour, slightly darker eyeshadows, and definitely more bronzer! I would’ve also probably trimmed the lashes first just so they’d fit much easier onto my lash line!
 Hanim >  What i would’ve done differently was to not be hesitant on putting on the eyeshadow a little bit more and also would’ve gone all out with the eyeliner, basically I would’ve trusted and pushed myself a little bit more and just go crazy with my makeup!
    With that said, we present to you our humble work of art 
Ps : Shoutout to that 1 subscriber on youtube who was with us from the beginning!

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