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Review - City Color Spice Me Up Palette

Review - City Color Spice Me Up Palette


City Color Spice Me Up Palette contains 10 beautiful shimmery shades, most of which have a cool undertone and a metallic finish to them. The colours, in general, fall in the browns and purples range. The 10 colours are conveniently packed in a sleek, lightweight plastic casing.

TEXTURE (7/10)

The texture of the eyeshadows is slightly chalky and fall out is apparent when swatched but the colours do glide on smoothly on the skin.



The eyeshadows are well-pigmented although the colour pay-off of each varies. The darker shades proved to be more intense than that of the lighter ones. One thing I noticed is that some colours don’t appear to be how they look in the pan when swatched on the skin.


Here are a few good habits to cultivate when it comes to eyeshadow application:


  1. Give your eyeshadow brush a good tap to knock off any excess powder. It also helps to minimise the amount of fallout onto the face or cheek area.
  2. To increase the longevity of the colours, apply an eyeshadow primer. Not only it acts as an adhesive, it helps to accentuate the colours as well.
  3. If the colour isn’t showing despite having a primer underneath, wet the eyeshadow brush with some fixing spray, followed by the colour application.


The lighter shades in the City Color Spice Me Up Palette don’t show up well on my eyelids. In the pan, some appear to have an iridescent sheen but the resulting finish is slightly dull with that metallic undertone. The shades don’t seem to blend that easily so one has to choose the colours wisely to create the desired eye makeup.


The eyeshadows lasted all day! None of the colours faded, flaked or smudged.


The colour selection for the City Color Spice Me Up Palette poses the biggest problem to me. Most of the colours are cool-toned, have a metallic finish and are mostly brown or purple hues. There are no matte shades at all to serve as a blending or transition colour. For myself, I really have to think carefully which colours work in harmony to create that beautifully diffused natural look or the glamourous smokey eye.


However, this palette will be your favourite if you gravitate towards cool eyeshadow colours or love metallic sheens. Overall, the City Color Spice Me Up Palette is one I would recommend if you wish to expand your eyeshadow collection, not something that serves as a basic, everyday go-to option.

Written by: Our most talented copywriter Xiaohan. Find out more about her @



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