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I came, I saw, I contoured.

I came, I saw, I contoured.

Highlighting and contouring (HAC) might seem abstract and intimidating to some but once you get the grasp of it and with sufficient practice, it is actually an incredibly fun process. You get to be your own artist, have a few colours ready on your palette and you can start painting your canvas (i.e. your face)!

Why highlight and contour? Well, it gives the face more dimension, making it less flat. With various hues of a tone at different angles of your face, HAC can drastically change your overall makeup look as it makes your features more well-defined.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Light

 PACKAGING (10/10)

Packaging is a key attribute I look out for in makeup as I am a fussy b*tch. I mean, come on, I want to have some peace knowing that I have spent my money on a product that involved months or even years of product design and development. ABH has not disappointed me. Similar to most ABH products, the packaging is, sturdy, sleek and minimal.

  • The transparent plastic cover makes it easy to see the colours at a glance.
  • The glossy sticker at the back consists of the product description, the respective shades and a full ingredients list.
  • The palette locks with a magnetic snap closure so the chance of contamination is pretty slim.
  • The pans are removable! This is especially great for travel — you can simply take the pans out and stick them inside a Z-Palette. It is convenient and saves so much space.


The pans are bigger than I expected. Each pan constitutes a generous amount of 4.5g (0.16oz) of cream contour shade. There are 6 pans in total. 3 for highlighting and 3 for contouring. I swatched the colours with only one swipe. They are intensely pigmented and smooth.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Light

  • Fair – pale beige with neutral undertone
  • Neutral – beige with slight to moderate pink undertone
  • Banana – a warm, light colour with strong yellow undertone
  • Java – brown with a slight grey undertone
  • Light Sculpt – neutral brown
  • Havana – darkest and most pigmented with the strongest cool undertone

The contouring shades are almost similar and the differences amongst them are very subtle. The shades are cooler than the original Light kit and this means good news! Remember shadows around the parameters of our face are naturally greyish (not brownish right?) and that’s what we want to mimic.


The creams aren’t stiff when applied on the skin and blend beautifully. I followed the technique demonstrated in the ABH video:

STEP 1: Moisturizer/Sunblock/Primer. Nothing too difficult; just your usual skincare routine.
STEP 2: Apply HAC. Do not blend yet.
STEP 3: Blend with foundation using a sponge/beautyblender/brush in dabbing (do not rub/swipe!) motions so as to not disturb the HAC.
STEP 4: Bake / Powder
Note: If you choose to bake, dust the excess powder off with a fluffy brush after 5-10min.

For step #3, I blended using a damp beautyblender on one side of my face and a kabuki brush on the other side. The former resulted in a more skin-like, airbrushed finish. I also

noticed the HAC placements were still intact. For the side I blended with a kabuki brush made of synthetic hair bristles, the foundation coverage is higher due to the denser brush bristles and the fact that relative to natural hair, synthetic hair bristles don’t absorb that much cream/liquid products.

If you have more blemishes to cover, try blending with a kabuki brush instead of a beautyblender. Alternatively, you can also ap

ply your foundation first and do HAC next for a better coverage.



I was at Tuas and the weather was humid and rainy. I did zero touch ups from 10am-6pm. An impressive lasting power of 8 hours. Oh, do keep in mind that I did used a primer and finishing spray.

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